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Last Update: 30th Mar, 2005

0. News

sylpheed-gtk2 project is over. The result of this project is already merged into original Sylpheed project. Please use Sylpheed-1.9.x or later instead of sylpheed-gtk2.

1. Over View

sylpheed-gtk2 screen shot

I'm porting the Sylpheed which is a greate MUA authed by Hiroyuki Yamamoto to Gtk+2. By anti aliased fonts, it becomes more beautiful!

Moreover, I think it can be work on Cygwin and GNU/Linux's frame buffer by a little modify.

2. Archive

2.1. Latest version

You can get it from sourceforge.net.

You only need the icon file when you compile it on Windows, or create a tarball. Usually it is not needed.

2.2. Old versions

3. Compile and Install

3.1. using tarball

 $ tar xvfz sylpheed-x.y.z-gtk2-200?????.tar.gz
 $ cd sylpheed-x.y.z-gtk2-200?????
 $ ./configure
 $ make
 $ su
 # make install

Please replace the version number suitably. Moreover, if you need optional functions such as SSL, please don't forget to add configure options (confirm by "configure --help" for details). In this case, also please dont't forget to install development packages.

3.2. using patch

Please execute autogen.sh after applying the patch against original version. However, development tools such as autoconf are required. If you cannot install it at yourself, please use the taball instead of the patch.

 $ tar xvfj sylpheed-x.y.z.tar.bz2
 (The defrosting option of bzip2 is different by versions of GNU tar.)
 $ cd sylpheed-x.y.z
 $ patch -p1 < ../sylpheed-x.y.z-gtk2-200?????.diff
 $ ./autogen.sh
 $ make
 $ su
 # make install

4. Setting

sylpheed-gtk2 can parse almost all config data of original Sylpheed, but only font setting is not compatible.

You should set fonts at ~/.gtkrc-2.0 and ~/.sylpheed/sylpheedrc. For example if you want to use Helvetica, please describe like this:


gtk-font-name = "Helvetica Gothic 10"


widget_font_gtk2=Helvetica Gothic 10
message_font_gtk2=Helvetica Gothic 10
normal_font_gtk2=Helvetica Gothic 10
bold_font_gtk2=Helvetica Gothic Bold 10
small_font_gtk2=Helvetica Gothic 9
title_font_gtk2=Helvetica Gothic 16

If you are using GNOME2 or KDE¡¤you can set fonts by each platforms's font setting utility instead of ~/.gtkrc-2.0.

5. Screen Shot

6. Contanct

7. Remarks

sylpheed-gtk2 is still under development. It may destroy your important data. Please backup ~/Mail, ~/.sylpheed, spool, and so on, and use it at your own risks.

8. Links

Original Sylpheed's site
Sylpheed for Win32
Native Win32 version of Sylpheed ported by Munesato Nakata.
Sylpheed Claws
A branch version.

Takuro Ashie

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