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1. Problems to be solved immediately.

  • Saving user defined layouts, and adding preference UI.
  • Printting support using libgimp (implement as plugin.)
  • Save image orientation, and restore automatically when the image is opend.
  • Checking documents and translating to English.
  • Treatement of links in archive file.
  • Bookmark feature.
  • Refine movie feature.
  • Enable to display comments on thumbnail view.
  • Use system wide libexif if exists.
  • Treatement of meta data embeded in image files.
  • Enrich useful key bindings and preference UI.
  • Simple image editing feature (fetch codes from Electric Eyes?)
  • Managing thumbnail cache feature (remove needless cache, and so on).
  • Support other various image types.
  • Enable to display thumbnail on file dialog.
  • Enable to save comments and thumbnail cache under image directory.
  • Other minor improvement for GUI.

2. Problems to be solved on 0.3.x

  • Progressive loading like GQview.
  • Refine plugin interface.
  • Enrich native support of image loaders (at least TIFF, XPM, PNM).
  • Enrich native support of image savers (at lease JPEG,TIFF, XPM, XBM).
  • Merge leaf patch provided by TAM XD.
  • Implement VFS feature, and support archive file completely (adding files, DnD, and so on)

3. Problems to be solved after 0.3.x

  • Independent from Imlib, gdk-pixbuf (Separate as plugin).
  • Imlib2 support.
  • Native support for tar archive.
  • http/ftp support.
  • DataBase support.

4. Related projects

  • Develop "Scripts", and provide as "gimageview-scripts" package. If we needs GUI, we should use Ruby-GNOME.