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1. Image Viewer

This is a incroduction of same type softwares with GImageView. Please try, if GImageView isn't satisfied your purpose.

Electric Eyes

It can also retouch image files.

Eye of Gnome

This is a default image viewer of GNOME. I think it has no characteristic features excluding using Bonobo, but we have taken some codes from this software. Thanks!


We have taken a lot of codes like paned widget, auto completion, navigation window, and icons from this software. Thanks!


Main purpose of this software is download image files from digital still camera, but it is also exellent as image viewer.


It is one of most famous image viewer on UNIX like OS. "Find duplicated" feature is taken from this software. Thanks!


It is wonderful at the point of being simple, but I think it is somewhat too simple.


It is also wonderful, but I regard it that it performs unnecessary drawing repeatedly, and it doesn't have caching thumbnails feature. But, I learned a lot of techniques from this software. Directrory tree view and DnD features were taken from this software. Thanks!

It is wonderfull graphics loader authed by japanese. It supports many minor image formats by plugin, can play movies, and can browse archive files such as tar.gz, tar.bz2. We have taken a lot of ideas and codes from this software.

A light weight image viewer.


I have taken a lot of codes from this software. The original author is missing, but rescently another maintainer is alived.


An image viewer for KDE. It can change layout flexibly by DnD.


The characteristic feature of this software is the point that a file name is easily changeable. We imitated this feature. Thanks!

Pixie Plus

An image viewer for KDE. It has similar intarface with Gwenview, retouch feature, and many loaders for minor image formats. It is most wonderfull image viewer, but only one point, I don't like such a uncanny icon (^^;


An image viewer which use Imlib2.


An image viewer which use OpenGL(GtkGLArea widget)



2. File manager which can display image files

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  • Nautilus
  • Konqueror

3. Other softwares which we referred

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  • Sylpheed
  • gmc
  • File-Roller
  • XFce
  • xine-ui
  • Text maid
  • Video maid