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[] Version-0.2.27

  • Added some options for slideshow. (Thanks! > Christian Hammers <lathspell@users.sourceforge.net>)
  • Added Xine image loader for movie thumbnail. (experimental)
  • The bug that sometime same files are appeared numbers of times on same thumbnail view has been fixed. (Thanks reporting > shlomif)
  • Enable to open archived files which has "[" in its filename.
  • Other minor bug fixes are made.

[] Version-0.2.26

  • Improved performance of redrawing thumbnail view.
  • Improved preference of "fit image size to window" feature. (Thanks! > Brent Baccala <baccala@users.sourceforge.net>)
  • Fixed bugs on 64bit envirponment. (Thanks! > Tomoya TAKA <tomoya@olive.plala.or.jp>)
  • Enabled to open EXIF view from image window.
  • Added image scale preferences for slideshow.
  • Removed obsolete summary modes of thumbnail view. ("List" and "Thumbnail" mode)
  • Fixed compile time error on Gtk+-2.4
  • Other minor fixes and improvements.

[] Version-0.2.25

  • Adapt to latest MPlayer.
  • Xienerama support.
  • "270" orientation label is changed to "-90".
  • Some minor usabilty fix of comment view.

[] Version-0.2.24

  • "Auto fit without zoom in" feature has been fixed.
  • Added "Fit width" and "Fit height" feature.
  • The bug that sometimes mplayer fails to start playing has been fixed.
  • Fixed double freeing bug of JPEG loader. (Thanks! > sheepman <sheepman@tcn.zaq.ne.jp>)
  • Fixed a bug in DnD support (Thanks! > MINAMI Hirokazu <h_minami@users.sourceforge.net>)
  • Remove trailing slash when create directory. (Thanks! > Douglas Brebner <douglas+mail@fang.demon.co.uk>).
  • Updated libexif to 0.5.11.
  • Other code improvements.

[] Version-0.2.23

  • Fixed clash bug of slideshow.
  • Plugged memory leak of JPEG loader.
  • Other minor fixes.

[] Version-0.2.22

  • Added automatic rotation by EXIF data. (contributed from Frank Fischer <frank_fischer@gmx.de>. Thanks!)
  • Fixed detecting file name extension as case insensitive. (Thanks! > Ricky Faulstich <Ricky@Faulstich.com>)
  • Fixed typo (Thanks! > Ricky Faulstich <Ricky@Faulstich.com>)

[] Version-0.2.21

  • Fixed compile error.

[] Version-0.2.20

  • Image loaders, I/O streamers, Image View and Thumbnail View Embders now are implemented as plugins.
  • Now GImageView can be compiled against linux-fb backend of Gtk+-2.0 by "--with-gtk2=gtk+-linux-fb-2.0" configure opotion.
  • Merged Cygwin patch provided by Masahiro Sakai. Now GImageView can be compiled on Cygwin.
  • Added some key binding to directory view on thumbnail window.
    • CTRL + Cursor Left
    • CTRL + Cursor Up: Change top directory to parent
    • CTRL + Cursor Right
    • CTRL + Cursor Down: Change top directory to selected
  • "Thumbnail 2" mode has been renamed to "Album" mode.
  • Added a key binding to "Album" mode.
    • SHIFT + Cursor: select the fucesed image and open it.
  • Modified directory list preference to make it easy.
  • "Load thumbnails recursively in one tab" can be attached to mouse button.
  • Now gimv doesn't zoom in by default when fit to frame automatically.
  • JPEG loader is added. Most of its codes are taken from libgnome-ui. Creating JPEG thumbnails are much faster than GdkPixbuf.
  • Added "Slideshow (selected)" and "Slideshow (from the selected)".
  • Now you can override MPlayer options by $(datadir)/gimageview/mplayerrc.
  • Enabled to play audio with visualizer (Visualizer feature is supported by Xine view only).
  • Set focus to the suitable thumbnail when files are deleted.
  • Added rotation indicator in toolbar of image window.
  • Two new duplicates finders are added. One is "md5sum" and another one is "File Size".
  • Clash bug of Xine view has been fixed.
  • Other minor fixes.